How Hot Is It?

[Suffering in cold weather? Here’s a flashback to warm weather months… in a very hot place :)]

Regular readers of the Bob and Ellen’s Great Adventures Blog know that we prefer being where other people are not, and last year that meant being in south-central Arizona in May, after most of the snowbirds had taken to their migratory route heading further north.

For us, that meant we were in the midst of the early season heat: 109-degrees F in late May in Casa Grande. That was okay by us. We adapted the way the locals do: outside stuff in the morning and evening, stay inside during the afternoon heat. Lots of cold things to eat, like the Bazookie at Barro’s Pizza — a big, warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream and chocolate syrup. MMM!

One morning, after tying up the trash, we got into the truck to stop by the dumpster on the way out of the park. We never have much trash, so I just held the bag on my lap for the short trip around the RV block. We were just closing in on the dumpster when something inside the bag popped! How hot was it? “You know it’s hot when your trash explodes,” Bob said.

For the first time in more than three years of full-timing, we found ourselves covering the RV windows. We’ve seen sun-protectors of all sorts — tan covers snapped to the outside of RVs and silver panels inside RV windows. We were leaning toward the latter, and we ventured to the local Lowe’s where we’d heard we could purchase the material by length rather than piece by piece for much more $$. When we got there, the clerk, an avid RVer if not a full-timer, said he’s seen people adhere these to the inside of the windows, but said doing so can harm dual panes because of the way they capture and hold the heat.


We bought a length of the silver reflective material, cut them to size, and used Gorilla tape to affix it to the outside of the rig. We wondered what it would be like to remove the tape when all was said and done, but it was easy to pull off and didn’t mar the finish on the RV at all with some Goo Gone and a few other clean-up steps. 🙂

And maybe it was the heat that made the Great-Tailed Grackles so chatty — of course, this was nowhere near the heat that would come during the summer months, so maybe not… One thing was sure: the birds in our neighborhood made the biggest variety of chirps, twitters and purrs than I’ve ever heard from any flock of birds.


My bird reference book says they make a sort of “creaking” sound — and the book was right on. Sounded liked a rusty screen door opening. They whistled and beeped and even made a sound like a harsh laugh — “hah – hah – hah.” With all this vocalization, you’d think they’d be a smart bird, but the pigeons seemed to terrorize them. Okay, so maybe they’re smart, pacifist birds 🙂

We were in saguarro country while they were in bloom and what a beautiful site! I found out my midwestern pronunciation of this cactus (with a hard “g”) has been wrong all these years and that the word is pronounced like “suh-wahr-roh” (in Spanish, I learned, “gua” is pronounced like “wah”).

The saguarro cacti blooms are Arizona’s state flower, white with yellow centers that poke out from the ends of the cacti like spiky pigtails.


The bugs love them! (See the little bee buzzing to the left?)


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