The Many Shades of Yellowstone

This is a hard post to write — how do I say the same thing in a different way?!?

What “same things”? Well, that I’m…

— Glad to see people taking interest in the national parks (we probably have Ken Burns and PBS to thank for that)

— Sorry to see how little support the government can give the overtaxed rangers in these parks, as it adds to traffic congestion

In this case, we waited 45 minutes in traffic to pass a couple of buffalo that were grazing near the side of the road. It seems every car needed to stop to take a photo:

And before you point any fingers — know that I caught this photo as we were moving; we were not about to add to the problem.

— Glad to see tax dollars invested in the park’s infrastructure, but sorry to see the added congestion this causes

All of this meant that it took us nearly two hours to reach a short hike on the West side of the park. This pretty walk wound us through the Paint Pots…

…giving us a close-up look at some of the prettiest geisers in the park.

This was just one of several spots I’d picked out to go in the park, and probably the least favorite one to actually visit — we’ve been to Yellowstone before, so seeing the geisers isn’t new — but it was the most accessible for us, given the traffic.

We kept thinking, “If it’s like this in mid-June, what will this park be like in the high season?!?”

And instead of gnawing on our disappointment, we focused on the beauty outside our truck windows:

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